Assessment of patients by qualified personnel
•       Screening and orientation of patients
•       Individual treatment planning with patient
•       Medical Evaluation (both physical and mental)
•       Medication monitoring
•       Methadone maintenance
•       Methadone detoxification
•       Burpenorphine (Suboxone) Treatment
•       Individual counseling
•       Family counseling
•       Co-counseling
•       HIV testing and other Infectious Disease prevention

•       Group counseling
•       Life Skills Training
•       Prevention and education
•       Vocational and Educational Counseling
•       Support Services
•       Referrals
•       After-care plans


Outpatient Admissions

To be seen at New Horizons, call for a confidential appointment. 


Patients being considered for admission will be confidentially evaluated on an individual basis through a systematic assessment process.

An initial screening followed by a comprehensive interview with a professional counselor to determine medical, psychiatric, substance abuse and psychosocial information will be provided.  Patients found to appropriate for services will then be scheduled for a physical examination and upon admittance will be medicated appropriately and began treatment.  Persons found not to be appropriate for opioid treatment will be referred to other services.

Clinic Hours:

Monday through Friday:  5 a.m. – 11 a.m.

Saturday:  6 a.m. – 9 a.m.


New Horizons Treatment Center

36 Chateau Court, NE

Rome, GA 30161

706-233-9603      Fax:  706-233-9526

New Horizons